This is absolutely perfect. It captures exactly how I felt.

“I can’t escape the world around me,”


true friends don’t judge each other

they judge other people


I told this to my mom and she said, “well then we are the truest of friends”


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I refuse to go to sleep because I hate my life.

This is what I don’t understand about school: Everyday we are taught to have appreciation for artists. Creators, inventors, outliers. And yet every day we are punished for being different. For thinking differently. For rebelling. When men looked for the definition of intelligence, they looked for the definition that most closely resembled themselves. Philosophers fought over the set of ideals that create the most successful individuals, and yet in the end, the only ones that matter are the most insignificant of them all. We get little slips of paper with letters that determine our self worth. When we get old enough, these letters help determine how much help we get for the rest of our lives. Scholarships, diplomas, contacts. We are affected by these letters our whole lives. And very rarely do people really stop and think about the values hidden behind these grades. How are we going to be artists, or inventors, or creators if we are taught to be drones? The system in itself if hypocritical. We will never become what we value until we cast off the system that has given us those values in the first place. ›


It baffles me when people say that mental illness isn’t stigmatized here in the “developed world”.

The last time the NHS surveyed 1,741 adults to ask them what they thought about mental health:

• 1 in 5 said “anyone with a history of mental problems should be excluded from taking public…


things that mental illness is:

  • real
  • complex
  • everywhere

things that mental illness isn’t:

  • lazy
  • fake
  • a punchline
  • an insult
  • a ticking time bomb
  • the plot of a horror movie
  • an afterthought